Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My every day...

I am a list person. I feel sure that a day will not exist if I don't have a list of things to do. A sense of purpose is critical to our mental health and mine is documented.

My day begins with a glucose test. This is part of the clinical trial requirements for MLN0128. I  never imagined that I would prick my finger every single day, but then again there are many things that I now do that I never imagined that I would. I can only have my green tea after the blood has flowed. One tea and one coffee follow in quick succession and then it's a five mile run/walk while listening to an audible book. I exercise every single day, walking and running 50 - 60 miles a week.

Home for breakfast which is a bunch of healthy stuff thrown into the blender with frozen fruit and vegetables. I sip that while I answer email and get some writing done. Even though I am technically on break, there is always work to do for faculty. I take a break from my writing to clean up a little, jump on the treadmill while I catch an episode of Star Trek, take another shower and then think  about making dinner.

After dinner, I settle in to do some studying. I love to learn new things - the curse of curiosity.

Two children call and I sort out their minor crises.

I fall into bed exhausted every night. I know that my life is not nearly  as chaotic and unpredictable as many out there, but I still feel totally overwhelmed by my diagnosis. I have played by the rules my entire life and still I drew the short straw in longevity. There are many who would feel grateful for 75% of their predicted lifespan, but I cannot help feeling cheated.

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